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The first keto pasta... that actually tastes like pasta!

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It's suuuper low carb

That's right! The macros are totally on point. Naturally low carb and gluten free*, think just 3g net carbs, 22g of protein, and 15g of (prebiotic!) fiber per serving. 

nutritionally dense

Our pasta is mostly made out of lupin beans,  a wonderful legume (related to garbanzo and peanuts!). To top it off, it just so happens to be rich in folate, magnesium and phosphorus. 

and artisanally made!

We're talking about small batch 'fresh egg' pasta, crafted using age-old Italian techniques! So expect an utterly delicious product, made out of solid ingredients. It's definitely keto for foodies here! 


a play on nuda, Italian for nude. 

Which is what we stand for... total transparency 

and ultra yummy food!

what you're saying! 🌟

Best keto pasta by far! The texture was absolutely perfect for grabbing onto the sauce and every single bite was such a delight... You have a customer for life.

Max Greenfield

So good! I could seriously fool my non-keto, non-gluten-free housemate with this. This is life-changing!!!

Julie Martinez

Absolutely Incredible pasta! I can't even begin to describe how close to *real* pasta this tastes!  The shape of it holds on to the sauce so that you get an extra delicious mouthful with every bite!



i.e. little radiators!

Or what might just be the best pasta shape for any and all pasta sauces! 

Its secret? The nooks and crannies grab hold of all the sauce!