Frequently Asked Questions


Oh yes baby! gnooda contains 3g of net carbs (18g total carbs – 15g fiber = 3g net carbs) and 7g of fat per serving. 

Lupin flour is the main ingredient in Nooda Pasta and comes from the Lupini legume family! 

Lupin beans are indigenous to South America and the Mediterranean. They’ve been consumed for centuries and have even been found in Egyptian tombs!   

A powerful superfood, Lupin beans are rich in protein, essential amino acids and prebiotic fiber. Lupin beans are high in nutrients such as B vitamins (energy boosters), calcium and phosphorous (for bone health), magnesium and potassium (for cardiovascular health), iron, and numerous antioxidants that prevent inflammation. 

Additionally, studies have shown that diets rich in Lupin beans help lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and help maintain good gut health. It is very low carb and gluten free!   

gnooda may look and taste like pasta but it is much more nutrient dense than your traditional pasta! Each bag includes 4 servings of pasta and with each serving you get 22g of protein, 15g of fiber, and 7 g of fat, all with only 3g of net carbs! You would have to eat an entire box of pasta to reach those protein, fiber, and fat macros, but you’d consume 312g net carbs doing so! Yuck!

Also $2.44 per serving of gnooda, comes out to be less expensive than any traditional lunch or dinner meal!  

We are THE keto pasta! 

-THE lowest in carbs

-THE highest in fiber

-THE highest in protein 

Selling by the case helps us financially cover part of the shipping. Because let’s face it, no one wants to pay $10+ on shipping one single package of gnooda.   

Kids LOVE gnooda!!! It brings us so much joy to be able to bring a healthier alternative to pasta for all kids to enjoy!!! And since kids are always asking for pasta, parents will have a peace of mind knowing that their children are getting a well-nourished and balanced meal. 

gnooda is perfect for children with gluten sensitivities or for those who want a more nutrient dense meal. 

gnooda contains eggs and lupin flour.  

The FDA does not require that Lupin be listed as an allergen. For people who have an existing legume allergy, lupin can cause an allergic reaction as it is part of the legume family. Some studies show that people who are allergic to peanuts may have a greater chance of being allergic to lupin. For more information please email  

We like to keep things simple at gnooda and strive to use minimal, biodegradable packaging and shipping supplies – ensuring substance but with a little bit of style!   

We gave our packaging an artisanal feel rather than a conventional feel, but we did this to avoid adding more plastic to our beautiful earth and to do our part in keeping our oceans clean and pristine. 

Our pasta is manufactured and packaged in the USA. We are all about supporting our local economy!   

Our fresh artisanal pasta is completely dehydrated. Dehydration is a natural way to preserve food therefore, the shelf life is for 1 year from the date of production. All bags should include a date of production label on the bottom of the bag.  

Cooking Tips

Here are some tips for best results when cooking gnooda: 

  • Boil your water with Himalayan or sea salt – you want the water to taste like the ocean!  
  • Since all stoves are different, and desired texture/firmness is personal, we recommend tasting the pasta right at the 5 minute mark 
  • When the pasta reaches your preferred texture, you can strain it but do not rinse with additional water.  

Here’s a pro tip:

Try and keep some of the hot salted water that you cooked the pasta with and add a tablespoon of the salted water to each serving of pasta mixed with sauce. This adds a creamy texture to your pasta. Plus, its how traditional Italians do it! Buon appetito!   

Yes! Since our pasta is mostly made from lupin, the water will foam up. The same foam occurs when you boil lupin beans.

Some tips to decrease the foam: add a splash of olive oil to the water or just scrape the foam off!   

This is also completely normal. Since lupin is a natural yellow legume, the water may turn yellow when boiling.    

It is important that you don’t overcook the pasta or leave it in hot water for too long as the pasta can break apart. Since all stoves are different and cook at different temperatures, I would closely monitor the pasta at the 5 minute mark as it my or may not be ready!

Simply strain and mix with your favorite sauce and you are good to go!   


We offer both Standard Shipping and Expedited Shipping (2nd day air or next day air). Standard Shipping should take between 2-5 business days depending on where you live, and Expedited Shipping will be 2-day shipping. You should receive an email with any updates to your order.   

We currently ship to Canada and are working on reaching other countries :)

Yes we do :)

We currently ship to Canada with USPS/Canadian Post. Please note orders are shipped DDU (duties unpaid) and due to COVID-19, the carriers are experiencing delays in shipping the orders. Please expect 7-21 day ship time. 


If the product is damaged or defective, we only accept returns for a full refund or an exchange on purchases made within 30 days and only if the product is purchased through our website. 

Please email, and we will gladly send you a pre-paid return shipping label. After you have sent the order back to us, please let us know and we will refund your order right away.  

Yes! If you are not satisfied with your product, please email us at and provide any feedback.

Please note that this only applies to first time purchases and will only refund up to 1 case of $39.00 and we do not refund original shipping charges. We will refund the amount for any unopened bags and provide a shipping label. Please also indicate the number listed on the bottom of the bag when submitting your request. This must be within 30 days of purchase.


You can subscribe to receive as many cases of gnooda (4 pack) every week or month. You may cancel, pause or edit your subscription at any time.   

To access your account, please register using the e-mail you purchased your first order with. Once you register your account, you will be able to access your subscription account information. 

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